Pixel Art

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screenshot-2016-11-04-at-1-41-46-pmThe reason why I named him mountingemleaf is because it is a MOUNTIANgoat head a GEMsbok legs and a LEAF katydid tail.It looks prety cool to me and the name is to not to be mean.My favorite part is the mountingoat part.And it dose look like a doggoat.The tail looks like a leaf.And it does look prety FREAKY!I would not like to see a real life one!Iff I did I would give him all of my $$$$$$ first I would run away after.I would not get near its tail bcause it would SLAP you!OUCH! that would hurt!But I would not get near its head either because it has horns!And it is a consumer I’m prety prety prety sure no i’m REALLY sure!it is also a predator and prey to! Because it is a combined animal!