Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

In Yellowstone Ntional park apparently there’s some people that think that you shoud collar all wolves that come by but I don’t think so, I think leave the wolves collared that are already collared, and stop collaring new ones.Like in my opinion let the wolves have some freedom and stop taking them and only letting them roam in a few acers of land.Let them roam the country in my opinion even if it means mabee a few days early death.Let them enjoy it while they can.They’ve only got a certan amount of time I know its sad letting animals die, but don’t make the time that they’ve got be being doing the same thing every day over and over again please! But there are a few things good about leaving collars on wolves you can make sure they dont get into trouble you can protect them but i still think its wrong to quote on qoute”take them hostage.”

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