Midnight Ride Poem

Men warned the people the redcoats(Birtish)are coming.

In the night there were three riders named Revere,Dawes,and Hankcock.
Do you know they said hang one lantern if they come by sea and to if by land.
Now in the colonies minuitemen were men who where ready at the minuite.
In Lexington was the location and Massachusettes.
Good new in the Midnight ride is that Hancock made it to Lexington.
Hancock is the last name of John Hanckock.
The date is April,18,1775.

Revere was the last name of Paul Revere.
In the colonies there where minuitemen.
Down in Lexington there was a war.
Every man counted.




On Martnin Luther King day they made it a holliday.Our class wonders why because MLK never got a day off for him he was always at the Lincon memorial giving sppeches about how racisim is unfair.I myself don’t like racisim and it’s still going on today as we speak.We look up to him because he stood up to racisim and one of the most famous thing about him was his I Have a Dream speech and plenty of people from both race where there.Not all white people agreed with racisim some of them used to but with Martin Luther King they changed their mind.A lot of times to people have tried killing him one time when he was on his balcony someone shot him off and did and not soon after that they made racisim illegal and made Martlin Luther King day to celebrate his rememberance.Even thought racisim is illegal people still judge people by their color.