Witch Skulltrooper

One morning before sunrise Dylan and witch skull trooper were plaing poker in a haunted house .Dylan placed a bet for 1,000$pasos,and witch skull trooper placed a bet for 2,000$pasos and witch skull trooper
won when thay heard a knock on the door and they went to the door but there was no one there someone must
of ding dong ditched us so they went to the curb and they saw something and then they saw it go around the corrner so human and Skull trooper nature they go around the corner and they said STOP RIGHT DARE!
and he came at them and he tried to doge them but they tackled him and they took of his mask AND IT WAS



Homecoming in white oak is a very big deal,mostly because it only happens EVERY 3 YEARS!Unlike a lot of other schools in our area mabee even in our own state Texas as far as i know.I went to Roughneck days,I went to the Homecoming parade,I went to the Homecoming football game witch all those things I had a lot a fun at all the things especially the football game.IT WAS PACKED WITH PEOPLE the weird thing was,is that for once they let the kids go on the track and play.There was so many kids there to but overall it was a very fun,and intresting Homecoming.