Dear mrs Larue

We are the hibbouts cats we hate Ike, we only know Ike from a lot of expireience, he chases us all the time keeps our owner up every night, but he doesn’t see it that way.He sees it as playing with us and just night howling even though every one on the block can hear him mabee even the truck driver that almost hit him will hear it and atract him to Ikes house and take him away forever.But then one day a miracle happened and he was taken to obediance school for who knows how long.We heard he was sending a whole bunch of letters to mrs Larue about how bad it is there and how treturus it is there, even though it has a spa and a five star resturaunt and a whole bunch of T.Vs.Do we think it was a good thing he went to obediance school, yes yes we do but the one day he escaped and do we think that was ideal no no we don’t.

Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan is my idle ,I mean he’s not rich or anything but hes the fastest pitcher to ever live.Some people think that Aroldis Chapman was the fastest but since then radar distance has chaned.Every body thinks that he was the fastest but it was really the fastest at Nolan was 108 and Chapman was 106 MPH.If your wondering why I like pitchers so much is because im a pitcher myself.And I think any body can know who he is even if your no 40 I mean if you are 40 and you like baseball then you prbably have a better cance at knowing who he is.Even though im 10.

Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

In Yellowstone Ntional park apparently there’s some people that think that you shoud collar all wolves that come by but I don’t think so, I think leave the wolves collared that are already collared, and stop collaring new ones.Like in my opinion let the wolves have some freedom and stop taking them and only letting them roam in a few acers of land.Let them roam the country in my opinion even if it means mabee a few days early death.Let them enjoy it while they can.They’ve only got a certan amount of time I know its sad letting animals die, but don’t make the time that they’ve got be being doing the same thing every day over and over again please! But there are a few things good about leaving collars on wolves you can make sure they dont get into trouble you can protect them but i still think its wrong to quote on qoute”take them hostage.”

Deborah Sampson

She had three children named Earal,Mary, and,Patience.
She led a raid on some Torys.
Born on December 17,1760.
Faked being soildier.
Deborah Sampson
Yearns for adventure.
A Decendant of preeminent pilgrims.
On April 7,1785 married Binjamen Gannet.
She recived an Honerable discharge on October 23,1723.

Women in the Revolution.

Captain Molly is the lady in the Revolution that I will be writing about.What i’ve seen about Captain Molly is that she’s kinda mistreated,but she still finds some way to fit in.Like for instance the men think she’s just a cleaning lady that washed their clothes,but if she was that how did she work the cannons no one knew she was working the cannons.One time when the French attacked them Captain Molly was shot and badly wounded.And from what i know she likes to talk very much.That kinda goes along with the part where she fits in.Thats the reason why she fits in,a lot of the guys have a big mouth so the only way she can kinda fit in is to act like the men and have an even bigger mouth.At least she tries.

Midnight Ride Poem

Men warned the people the redcoats(Birtish)are coming.

In the night there were three riders named Revere,Dawes,and Hankcock.
Do you know they said hang one lantern if they come by sea and to if by land.
Now in the colonies minuitemen were men who where ready at the minuite.
In Lexington was the location and Massachusettes.
Good new in the Midnight ride is that Hancock made it to Lexington.
Hancock is the last name of John Hanckock.
The date is April,18,1775.

Revere was the last name of Paul Revere.
In the colonies there where minuitemen.
Down in Lexington there was a war.
Every man counted.


On Martnin Luther King day they made it a holliday.Our class wonders why because MLK never got a day off for him he was always at the Lincon memorial giving sppeches about how racisim is unfair.I myself don’t like racisim and it’s still going on today as we speak.We look up to him because he stood up to racisim and one of the most famous thing about him was his I Have a Dream speech and plenty of people from both race where there.Not all white people agreed with racisim some of them used to but with Martin Luther King they changed their mind.A lot of times to people have tried killing him one time when he was on his balcony someone shot him off and did and not soon after that they made racisim illegal and made Martlin Luther King day to celebrate his rememberance.Even thought racisim is illegal people still judge people by their color.

Colonial occupations

Today was a rough day working as a Silversmith .Although most days aren’t the best.Today was the worst because I found a piece of unfinised silver that England wouldn’t take .England only allows the important finished pieces.Everyone always expects the Silversmith to be the one who does perfect in his job.One of the things that’s not really on my day is the SILVER TRADE!The silver trade is more like a luxury trade,since most American households at the time,bought items made of wood,pewter,or other cheaper materials,because they couldn’t afford the very expensive silver.

Colonial leaders.

Who is William Penn?
William Penn was a very well quaker.
In 1681 King Charles|| handed over a very large peice of land.
William Penn gave a very good wittness to America.
Religous persicution and colonization went into place as a quaker.
The manifiest liabilities of New Jersy formed a prelued to the founding of Pennsylvania.
This underland of his conception of Pennsylvania as a “holy spirit.”
In several days Pennsylvania was the most sucsessful colony.
Penns propritary character contained many elements of previous grants.
Almost from the start there were challenges to Penns exception .
Penns pryer echivement was the new character of exception 1701.
That is William Penn.